Margins Analytics Module for Prestashop


Do you really know how much your online shop is earning you?

With Margins Analytics, you can capture :

  • Your fixed costs, such as advertising, wages, energy, rent, etc.
  • Variable costs such as delivery costs, payment costs, packaging, etc.

You will then know :

  • Your gross margin per order, per product
  • Your net margin per...
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  • Do you really know how much your online store is earning you?
  • With Margins Analytics, you will know your net margin according to a given period, as well as its evolution

Benefits for traders

  • After entering your variable costs such as product purchase costs, delivery costs, payment commission and packaging costs, you will be able to know the gross margin per order, per product ordered, per category, per brand
  • After entering your fixed costs (advertising, consulting, salaries, rents, etc.) you will know your net margin per given period


  • The method used is that of "Partial Costs", widely used in the Anglo-Saxon world, and recognized for its ease of use and understanding, compared to the full cost method.
  • This consists in not integrating the fixed costs into the orders, but deducting them from the overall gross margin at the level of a given period.
  • Variable costs are deducted from orders and fixed costs are deducted over a period.
  • Example for the January period:
  • The turnover was €10,000 excluding tax,
  • The variable costs amount to 4500€ (products: 4000€, transport: 400€, payment commission: 100€).
  • I get a gross margin is 5500€
  • The fixed costs amounted to 3000€ (Consulting: 1200€, Salaries: 1750€, Host: 50€)
  • My net margin is therefore: Gross margin-fixed costs, i.e. 5500-3000= 2500€

Customer advantage

  • A good knowledge of margins can allow merchants to lower their prices to be more competitive


  • Classic installation


  • To know your gross and net margins, you must enter the purchase prices of the products.
  • If they are not entered, you can easily add them via the module at the level of orders or products sold

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